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Circle View Youth Academy - Spring 2023 Season

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More Info

Beach City Sports Youth Academy was designed as a course to help our younger generation learn athletic drills that will translate to all sports at all levels! We separate ourselves from any other camp by keeping kids engaged and focused while learning these skills. And we do this by teaching kids through exciting and educational OBSTACLE COURSES!

Here's how it works:

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Each week we will alternate between running the obstacle course and playing real time flag football games.

For the OBSTACLE COURSE weeks... they include a full range of fun, interactive and multi-sport drills designed to improve skills in areas such as conditioning, speed, agility, awareness and hand-eye coordination. Check out the super cool obstacle course videos on our website.

• Each obstacle course day, coaches will time the kids and keep records throughout the day.

• Children will first report to the obstacle course

• Then the real magic happens. We will then explain and train everybody on the very same drills that will be featured in the course and how to improve in each area.

• Children will then return to the to the Obstacle Course to run through once more with improved knowledge.

• Coaches will again time the kids to see where each child has improved and where they can use improvement. We can then use this information to help kids learn and retain their skills for years to come.


The academy will start with a unique obstacle course the first two weeks and then we will alternate weeks with a complete 30 minute coed flag football game. This is an area where we really shine! We will coach, ref and train the kids as we play the football game.

The goal here is that the drills they learn in the obstacle course translate over to real time sports. This is where our coaches earn their keep! They'll do their best to explain these drills and help kids to focus on fundamentals and mechanics which should hep them improve in certain areas.

With a combined 20 years experience in hosting flag football leagues, our coaches are confident your child will both improve at sports, and benefit from improved teamwork and social skills.

Here's what to expect for the season:

Week 1 : Obstacle course skills training
Week 2: Obstacle course training & scrimmage
Week 3 : Flag Football game & coaching
Week 4 : Obstacle course skills training
Week 5 : Flag Football game & coaching
Week 6 : Obstacle course skills training
Week 7 : Flag Football game & coaching
Week 8 : Grand Finale Obstacle Course, to be completed in teams

4.5, 4.26, 5.3, 5.10, 5.17, 5.24, 5.31, 6.7

1:00 PM


Obstacle Course Football Summer Camp 2023 - 1st - 8th Grades

More Info
More Info


As parents and participants arrive on the beach, you will be greeted by a BCS Youth staff member who will guide you to the first station. From there, we will do the rest!

The four-day camp will consist of fun activities and football drills such as cone work, conditioning, stretching, agility, passing, receiving and defensive skills. The drills will focus on agility and hand eye coordination - not just for football, these skills will translate to many other sports as well. In addition, the cardio workout on the sand is unmatched and will leave your kid feeling faster than ever when they return to grass or other solid surfaces. Each day your child will report to rotating stations to make the camp as streamlined as possible. There they will go through a various number of age-appropriate drills and at the end each day a short game of flag football.

Throughout the camp, our coaches will be reviewing players in order to form teams at the end of the third day. Your child will appropriately be placed on a roster as a receiver, defender, or QB by the morning of the fourth day. On day four, we will have a single elimination tournament that ends with a Pizza Party at Cruisers Pizza Grill. Our goal is to keep kids active and engaged through sports. We've empowered our like-minded staff and volunteers to make every day a smooth, safe and enjoyable experience as possible!

On the sand in Huntington Beach at 11th Street & PCH
(Across from 1102 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648)

Tuesday, July 12th - Friday, July 15th, each morning from 9am-12pm

HOW MUCH: $125 per player (+$6.95 processing fee)


✓ Four-day camp with fun activities and challenges

✓ ALL flag football equipment and gear provided (jerseys will be provided for the tournament on day four)

✓ Games are Coed 6 vs 6 format with all genders

✓ Multiple age divisions for youth players to qualify in

✓ Photographer onsite all four days with digital pictures included (additional individual photoshoot available upon request for additional charge)

✓ Registration Fee includes everything above and a goodie bag for every child including a personal digital photo upon request

✓ Individual Medals and EVERYONE gets a Pizza Party on the final day

✓ Full rules can be found http://beachcitysportsyouth.com/youthflagfootball

➳ Go to http://www.beachcitysportsyouth.com/ to register your youth for our upcoming camps!

Any questions, comments, suggestions or requests? Please reach out to us anytime at info@beachcitysports.com OR call us at (888) 227-5060. "See You Soon on the Sand...!"

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If a camp is cancelled due to COVID -19 concerns, participants will receive a full refund of their money.

7.11, 7.12, 7.13, 7.14

9:00 AM