One Day Obstacle Sports Camp









* Once you come to the sand off of PCH you will find a greeter there that will direct you to the main tent. There you and your youth(s) will check in and get a name tag and a wrist band. 


* After you get checked in you will head to the stretching and warm up area which will be led by one of our team members. 




We will be hosting an all-out fun OBSTACLE COURSE to run through that includes fun, interactive and multi-sport drills designed to improve skills areas such as conditioning, speed, agility, awareness and hand-eye coordination.  


* We will be recording times for kids as they run the obstacle course which will be displayed on our public scoreboard. Each child will run the course twice and try to post their best time.


15-minute brerak 




* Children will report to the skills area on the course


* Here they will go through the drills on the actual course where we explain in detail how to run the drill properly which will help improve run times the next time they run the course. Here is where the most improvement happens. 


15-minute break




* Children will then return to the to the Obstacle Course to run the through it twice more after practicing the drills 


* Whichever kid shows the most improvement in their best time will be able to reach into their goodie bag for a FREE GIFT!  So, kids are competing against themselves from day to day as opposed to each other. This will help ensure a fair outcome regardless of age. 




End of camp